# Connect

Syrus 4 can connect to a variety of peripherals and accessories using different physical and wireless interfaces.

  • ADAS (can)
  • ECU (can)
  • Handsfree/Speakerphone (bluetooth)
  • Temperature (1-wire)
  • Ibutton (1-wire)
  • Satcom (serial)
  • Sigfox Communicator (serial)
  • Console (serial)
  • Fatigue Sensors (serial or can and ethernet)
  • Video (ethernet/wireless)

This section refers to configuration and setup of anything that requires a connection to either an internal component or external accessory. If you're looking for how to connect the device for the first time refer to the Getting Started page.

For 1-wire accessories such as temperature and ibutton sensors, up to 64 total sensors can be supported simultaneously. This means if you want to read an ibutton you can have a maximum 63 other temperature sensors connected all reading temperatures at the same time. Note that this does not affect the authorized/whitelisted list of ibuttons, up to 500 ibuttons or 1-wire accessories can be authorized for use with the apx-onewire tool.

Last Updated: 6/30/2021, 6:15:37 PM