# Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

Syrus can interact with ADAS accessories which help monitor the road to help avoid collisions & accidents. ADAS accessories notify when a vehicle is close to hitting the vehicle or pedestrian in front of it, including alerts for when the vehicle is swerving on the road without directional signals.

General Overview

  • Use the apx-ecu tool to configure the ECU with the compatible ADAS accessory
  • Add the ADAS accessory's parameters to the ecu monitor configuration file
  • Connect the ADAS accessory to the Syrus
  • Install the ADAS accessory in a vehicle
  • Receive alerts and information from the ADAS accessory

# Installation

Syrus 4 Datasheet with Pinout

# Wiring Diagrams

Movon MDAS9

Movon MDAS9

Mobileye 6-8


For this example we'll connect the Movon MDAS9 ADAS accessory to the Syrus.

ECU Wiring Pinout (found in 14-pin molex)

ADAS Wires Signal Description Syrus Signal Syrus Wires
PIN 1 CAN_HIGH CAN High wire from ADAS accessory, connect to the Syrus Cyan CAN2_H data cable. CAN2_H Cyan
PIN 2 CAN_LOW CAN Low wire from ADAS accessory, connect to the Syrus White/Light Green CAN2_L data cable. CAN2_L White Light Green
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