New Apex 22.24.1 & Syrus JS 1.45.4

Apex 22.44.1 & SyrusJS 1.45.4 come with several new improvements and additions. Here's some of the highlights:


Site Updates / New Guides

Added guide sharing LTE traffic over ethernet
Added guide hours of service with Syrus
Added instructions on how to delay the upload of a video

Apex 22.28.1 & SyrusJS 1.41.0

Updated Apex OS - Version 22.28.1
Updated SyrusJS - Version 1.41.0
Added a new guide for a Mini IP camera integration
Added new Syruslang blackbox feature, along with the logrotate tool.
Added support for the Cipia fw version in Syrus Cloud summary section


New Apex and SyrusJS Release

Apex OS, SyrusJS, and Syruslang updates!


Getting Started and Connect Pages

Improvements on how to get started and proper calibration of the device for optimal acceleration detection.


Syrus Cloud API v1.0.2

v1.0.2 changes - Postman and OpenAPI docs, new query params for video list, and no more group ID for sending commands


Syrus Terminal Application Manage Page

Added the Syrus Terminal Application Manage page with information on how to use it.

Cipia Integration, OpenAPI Spec, Postman collections and more

Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for Syrus!
The latest updates include the Cipia integration, the addition of new OpenApi docs, postman collections, commands in system tools and more.