Bluetooth Speakerphone

In order to pair a bluetooth speaker/headset you must find one that supports HFP Hands Free Profile only. Other bluetooth profile variations like JL-HFP, or HSP.HFP are not supported at the moment.

To pair a bluetooth speakerphone you can use the apx-bt tool or the management tool User Interface.

Scan for nearby bluetooth devices for 10 seconds

$ sudo apx-bt scan 10

List discovered devices

$ sudo apx-bt list_discovered
{"94D4690CB081":"SpeakerPhone","A0E6F8D3A66E":"Syrus 3GBT 05949","D89C679A0B5A":"B88BMQ2","28EC9A706924":"<UNKNOWN>","7C6456A13E51":"[TV] Samsung Frame (43)","FC65DE2040E1":"Echo Show-1SN","94D4690CB17B":"CP-8845"}

Pair to bluetooth device

$ sudo apx-bt pair 94D4690CB081

Once paired you can use the apx-tts to send a message via the bluetooth handsfree speakerphone.

Speak 'hello world' over speakerphone

$ sudo apx-tts en-US "hello world"