Driver Monitoring + Dashcam Solution

This tutorial will show you how to connect a driver monitoring camera and a dashcam to simultaneously record the driver and the road.


You will learn

  • How to connect a driver monitoring camera
  • How to connect a dashcam
  • Use Syruslang to capture photos and video clips
  • Send the data to an external platform via

You will need



Syrus version Apex 22.47.1 or newer.

Cipia version or newer.

Connect the DMS

The DMS camera we will use is a Cipia FS-10. You can follow this guide to connect the camera to the device.

Once it's connected you can use the following command to configure the Cipia camera.

$ apx-ndm-cipia set --mac=a404503cbd7c --id=E321290376

Next, edit these files using Syrus Cloud

  • /data/user/syrus4g/video/cipia_fs10.conf.json
  • /data/user/syrus4g/video/cipia_fs10.settings.json

Since we'll be connecting a Hikvision F6 camera we'll need to edit the configuration file as follow

"APModeEnable": false       -> this deactivates the internal cipia hotspot
"Password": "pass1234"      -> external network password (recommended to be different than 1234567890)
"SSID": "HIKVISION-F6-ICPR" -> external network ssid
"ServerAddress": ""
"Port": 1883


Edit via system tool

The configuration parameters can also be edited via the apx-ndm-cipia system tool.

$ apx-ndm-cipia set --parameter='{"ServerAddress": "","Port": 1883,"WifiSettings.SSID":"HIKVISION-F6-ICPR","WifiSettings.Password":"pass1234","WifiSettings.APModeEnable": false}'

Next, connect the Syrus to the Cipia hotspot or make sure that they are on the same network. To do this use the apx-wifi tool to configure the Cipia address (be sure to use the same

$ apx-wifi add --ssid="FS-WiFi-503cbf1b" --pass="1234567890"

Next, use the configuration command to configure the Cipia:

$ apx-ndm-cipia configure

Once the configuration finishes disconnect and reconnect the Cipia from the power.

Finally, you can query the status of the camera to make sure it's connected

$ apx-ndm-cipia status

  "mac": "a404503cbf11",
  "id": "E321290015",
  "ip": "",
  "connected": true,
  "firmware": ""