Bluetooth Accessories

Bluetooth Classic

You can pair bluetooth classic accessories with the Syrus 4 device such as a bluetooth speaker/headset. Compatible headsets are one's that support HFP Hands Free Profile only. Other bluetooth profile variations like JL-HFP, or HSP.HFP are not supported at the moment.

To pair a bluetooth speakerphone you can use the apx-bt tool or the management tool User Interface.

[Motorola Mobile Accessories Sonic Rider SP-005BK/89589N](

Motorola Mobile Accessories Sonic Rider SP-005BK/89589N

Scan for nearby bluetooth devices for 10 seconds

$ sudo apx-bt scan 10

List discovered devices

$ sudo apx-bt list_discovered
{"94D4690CB081":"SpeakerPhone","A0E6F8D3A66E":"Syrus 3GBT 05949","D89C679A0B5A":"B88BMQ2","28EC9A706924":"<UNKNOWN>","7C6456A13E51":"[TV] Samsung Frame (43)","FC65DE2040E1":"Echo Show-1SN","94D4690CB17B":"CP-8845"}

Pair to bluetooth device

$ sudo apx-bt pair 94D4690CB081

Once paired you can use the apx-tts to send a message via the bluetooth handsfree speakerphone.

Speak 'hello world' over speakerphone

$ sudo apx-tts en-US "hello world"

Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth Low Energy sensors or beacons, can be connected to the Syrus 4 to read sensor data wirelessly. ELA produces some BLE sensors that can read temperature, humidity, and movement.


  • Have the latest version of Apex installed (23.03.1 or newer)
  • Have some ELA device, be it environment, temperature, movement, or id.

Get MAC address
Move the BLE sensor and scan using Syrus Management tool.


Scan using apx-bbs tool

Make sure to use the apx-bbs system tool when scanning nearby beacons and not the apx-bt scan.

# scan for nearby bluetooth beacons
$ apx-bbs set --scan_time=60 --enabled=true

# see results of the scan with the status command
$ apx-bbs status
[{"mac":"D49F85C1B247","name":"L ID 00439D","alias":"Presence1","timestamp":1686588049}]

Configuration in APEX
Add the device with an optional alias

# be sure to replace MAC_ADDRESS with the MAC of the sensor, note you don't need a colon in MAC address
# sudo apx-bbs add --mac=MAC_ADDRESS --alias=NAME

$ sudo apx-bbs add --mac=E50E24DCCA9E --alias=cooler

Set scan time and enable BLUE module (update the information each 60 seconds)

# updates data every 60 seconds
$ sudo apx-bbs set --scan_time=60 --enabled=true

Get devices added

$ sudo apx-bbs get_all | jq

Verify the state of the last scans

$ sudo apx-bbs status
    "mac": "DA161CAD5ADF",
    "name": "P RHT 902520",
    "alias": "lab",
    "timestamp": 1674157402,
    "payload": {
      "2A6E": "0A59",
      "2A6F": "0027"

Now that the sensors are added, all that's left is to trigger some events and actions using Syruslang, click here for more info.