Fatigue Sensor

Fatigue Sensors

The fatigue sensor accessories are capable of capturing photos when a fatigue related event is caught.

The images that are saved automatically to the default directory can be uploaded via ftp using lftp

Check out our LFTP tutorial on the Bash/Shell scripting page for information on how to upload and sync photos with a remote server.

Redis Interaction

Fatigue sensor (ethernet interface)

Fatigue alert - distraction

"PUBLISH" "fatigue/notification/mdsm7" "{"system_epoch":1631639232,"event":"distraction","date":0,"lat":26.124800,"lon":-80.314201,"speed":78,"serial":"712009Y1EN0076","driver_name":"","file":{"type":"video","state":"ready","path":"/media/extmedia/video/events/1631639232-distraction/1631639232-distraction-mdsm7.mp4"}}"

Fatigue sensor (serial/rs-232 interface)

Connection Status

To notify the connection status, the serial application publishes

"PUBLISH" "serial/notification/fatigue_s/state" "connected"

when connected, or

"PUBLISH" "serial/notification/fatigue_s/state" "disconnected"

when disconnected.

Fatigue Alarm

To notify a fatigue alarm, the serial application publishes

"PUBLISH" "serial/notification/fatigue_s/photo" "1615813683-fatigue_remind.jpeg"

"PUBLISH" "serial/notification/fatigue_s/photo" "1615813683-fatigue_alarm.jpeg"

"PUBLISH" "serial/notification/fatigue_s/photo" "1615813683-fatigue_warning.jpeg"

Driver Not Detected

To notify when a driver is not detected, the serial application publishes

"PUBLISH" "serial/notification/fatigue_s/photo" "1615813683-no_portrait.jpeg"

Driver Distracted

To notify when a driver is distracted, the serial application publishes

"PUBLISH" "serial/notification/fatigue_s/photo" "1615813683-distraction.jpeg"

Manual Photo Captured

To notify when a photo is taken with the captured command, the serial application publishes

"PUBLISH" "serial/notification/fatigue_s/photo" "1615813683-photo.jpeg"


Take note of the amount of space occupied by the photos in the /data/users/syrus4g/fatigue_sensor folder.

Once your application has received a photo you may want to delete them based on the epoch

$ rm 16158136*

If you lower the buffer size it will delete the oldest photos over the new size limit.