Share LTE Internet over Ethernet

This tutorial will show you how to share Mobile internet traffic to an external device over ethernet. This allows you to connect Syrus to a switch, adapter, or directly to an ethernet capable device in order to give it internet.


You will learn

  • How to configure the ethernet interface on the Syrus to manage different networks

You will need

  • Ethernet cable
  • Hub, switch, or ethernet capable device
  • Syrus 4 device

Verify mobile connectivity

Start by disconnecting the ethernet cable from the Syrus and the laptop.

Next, make sure your Syrus device has a SIM card with data enabled.

Use the management tool UI -> Mobile section (follow the getting started for instructions on pulling it up) to switch SIM priority or set up the APN and other credentials if needed.

Next, use the terminal or if you have ssh access to send the following and verify there's connectivity.

# Verify Syrus has a connection via ppp0
ip route

# Ping a website using the ppp0 interface
ping -I ppp0

Verify ppp0 internet


Ping over ppp0 interface

Configure ethernet in Syrus

Next, configure the ethernet interface on the Syrus 4 with the apx-ethernet command.

# Set the IP, Gateway, and DNS address

apx-ethernet set --ip= --gateway= --dns= --route=none

With the above configuration you are assigning Syrus to have

  • IP:
  • Subnet mask: /24 (8 bits)
  • Range of hosts: - (excluding .99)
  • Gateway:

Configure ethernet

Configure ethernet in Laptop

With the ethernet cable still unplugged, attempt to configure the ethernet interface on the laptop as follow:

  • IP Address: 192.168.1.X (X range from 1-254, excluding 99)
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Router: (--ip address set on the Syrus device)
  • DNS Server:, (Google's dns or custom)



Network config in Mac


In Windows go to the Network and Sharing center and edit the ethernet adapter settings to configure the IPv4 address


Connect ethernet cable

Connect the ethernet cable and perform a ping and speed test to confirm the results.

# Mac / Windows

# Linux
# replace enp8s0 with the ethernet interface on your linux machine
ping -I enp8s0


Verify network priority
Depending on your system you may have to modify the network priority in order for the ethernet interface to be used for internet access.


On mac you can go to the network settings and Set Service Order...
To make sure the priority is given to the ethernet port.



In linux computers you can send ip route to verify the network priority and make sure the ethernet is the first option.

# verify internet traffic routing
ip route

# add interface to the ip route list (replace with the IP of the Syrus device)
sudo route add default gw

# remove interface from ip route list
sudo route del default wlp7s0

Default ethernet interface

Windows file and printer sharing

If you experience disconnections on a Windows PC you may have to turn off File and printer sharing options in the network settings.


You're now ready to sharing internet to ethernet devices.