RS232 / RFID Mode

Use this mode to connect an RFID reader to the Syrus device by using the serial port interface.

The Invegos XC-RF850 is an RFID reader fully integrated by Syrus. This device communicates with the Syrus via its serial port at 9600 bps (8n1). Syrus needs to be set in the RFID communication mode using the apx-serial command. In this mode, the Syrus serial console will be disabled, and it will not accept any apex commands via the serial port. The apex commands can still be sent over the air using Syrus Cloud.

Invengo’s XC-RF850 is a compact and fully integrated UHF RFID reader that delivers excellent performance at an incredible value.

The reader has a sleek design and is easy to install. The XC-RF850 is Linux based and provides reliable reading with ease of programming and communication. With multiple connectivity options, it is ideally suited for vehicle, personnel, and asset tracking applications.


Once you have the external device connected to the Syrus you can configure the serial port to rfid mode with the apx-serial tool.

# Since apex 23.20.1
$ sudo apx-serial set --mode=rfid
# Before
$ sudo apx-serial mode rfid

To check the list of available commands related with RFID check the apx-serial-rfid tool. In case of using a syrusjs application, the list of signals, actions and field sets can be found in the rfid section.

Installation / Wiring Diagrams

RFID Wires Signal Description Syrus Signal Syrus Wires
White RX RX wire from RFID accessory, connect to the Syrus TX data cable. TX Orange
Blue TX TX wire from RFID accessory, connect to the Syrus RX data cable. RX Blue
Green GND GND from the RFID accessory connects to the Syrus 4 electrical ground cable. GND Brown